Swimming Pool Remodeling & Refurbishing

Are things looking dated or not working quite right? Let us make your old swimming pool or hot tub look brand new again.

Old custom shaped swimming pool remodeled & refurbished by Remington Pools in Central Oklahoma.

Make your old pool look new again.

Your pool may have been built in the 70’s, but it doesn’t have to look like it. We can install new fiberglass steps, liners, tile, natural stone, waterfalls, paint, and much, much more.

Step replacement for swimming pool installed by Remington Pools in Oklahoma.

We can update, fix, and add just about anything.

Do you have a leak somewhere that you just can’t find? Is your liner unevenly fading and splitting? Do you need a new concrete deck? We are the pros that can help.

Schedule your free swimming pool remodeling & refurbishing estimate now.